Hooking Up Is Expensive

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Yes, I will admit that I have a thing about dating hot women. Up until recently, I have been pretty lucky when it came to having a hot girl on my arm, not like some of my mates who have ended up with girls who cost them a small fortune. That was until I met Alma during a business dinner. She was one of the sexiest women that I had ever met but little did I know that Alma worked for a leading London escorts agency. Not only that, it turned out that she was a bit of a Sugar Babe on the side. And here I was thinking that I was going to get laid on a regular basis. It seemed Alma had other plans.

Anyway, I really fell for Alma and asked her out for dinner a couple of days late. It was not until then I realised that she must have rather an unusual job as she said that she never went out on “private” dates until after midnight. It was that phrase private date which made me pay attention. Instead of beating around the bush, I asked her what she meant by that. It was then she explained that she worked for a leading London escorts agency. I had never suspected that the rather sweet girl I had met a few nights before would work for a top London escorts agency in Mayfair.

As a matter of fact, Alma was my first encounter with outcall London escorts. Sure, I had some friends who were into dating London escorts, but I never thought that I would even meet up with a girl from a London escorts agency. But, I put my fears aside and went ahead with that dinner date. I simply could not resist Alma, she was one of the hottest and sexiest girls that I had ever met in my entire life.

Alma and I started to date on a regular basis. She was very different from other girls that I had dated in the past. None of my previous girlfriends had worked for a London escorts service so I did not really know what to expect. But, it did not take me long to appreciate that Alma was a very young savvy lady and I had fallen for many of her charms. Normally, I would buy my regular girlfriend a few presents and gifts, but I soon noticed that I was spending more on the sexy Alma. Believe me, this girl was good at getting what she wanted.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later when I was out for a drink with my mates, one of them told me he thought that Alma was a Sugar Babe. He told me that she had been flirting with him like mad on a night out and told her about all of the things that she liked. It was very much like she was after something my mate told me. I did not tell him that Alma worked for a London escorts, but perhaps I should have done so. About a week later, I took a good look at my relationship with Alma, and realised how much she was costing me. It seemed very much that I was there to pay for Alma’s glamorous and over the top lifestyle. Thank you for your time Alma, but I am afraid that you are not for me.

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