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As an Escort working for Belvedere Escorts of physical fitness is very important to stay sexy and have a great body, but recently I have been a couch potato but, I recently finished reading this book by Anna Kessel called Eat, Sweat, Play. The subtitle of it is, “How Sports Can Change Our Lives,” and oh boy, I think this book may have changed my life.  I realize that even though, occasionally, on social media, I will post stuff about going for a run or going to an exercise class or wanting to start dance lessons, which is one of my New Year’s resolutions, which I haven’t done yet and it’s and it is almost a year now.

But, despite occasionally posting workout selfies, I’ve never really talked to you guys about my relationship with sport. One of the things that I really took away from the book was how we talk about sports and exercise and women. There was so much out there on blogs and websites and books and magazines about women and exercise, women and fitness, women and health, kind of being active to kind of strive to an end goal that’s either like, losing weight or getting fitter, all of these things but the word, sport, like has just been taken out of that equation.

The book really inspired me to get back into sport and yes, get back into because I used to be so into sport and it’s nothing that I’ve spoken about on my channel before really. So, I kind of wanted just to put myself out there and show you guys a woman who enjoys doing sport, a woman who enjoys watching sport and my personal kind of experience with sport. This is gonna sound so weird, but when I was seven-years-old, I was the queen of football at my school. I kid you not. It was when we would play with like, one of those soft, squishy balls and I would always be team captain and all of the boys would want me to pick them for their team.

At least, this is how I remember it. I mean, however good a seven-year-old can be at football, I was really good. But basically, what happened was, as soon as we got into junior, so as soon as we got into year three, we started playing with a hard ball and I got scared. I just got scared of hurting myself and I stopped playing and I’m like just, to this day, I’m so mad at myself. I’m like, ugh, I think about this more than you would know. I was scared of a hard football flying at my face and hurting me.

Ugh, I’m so mad, I’m so mad at myself. I didn’t really have like no idea how good I would be at football now if I’d have carried on playing. It bums me out a bit. Maybe I would have been terrible. Maybe I would never have gotten better. Maybe like, whether I’d carried on or not, seven-year-old me was like my peak at my football skills.

But speaking of football, I’m also a big football fan. I have been born and raised a Manchester City fan. My Dad used to like, pick me up, over the turnstiles to go watch games. I saw my first ever streaker at a Manchester City game when I was about seven or eight.


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