By - Carlos May

Resin driveways – Are they a good choice?

You are probably reading this because you are torn between different surfaces for your driveway. You came to the right place as your doubts about resin driveways will be cleared and you will realize that it is one of the best surfaces for your driveways.

How Much Does A Resin Surface Cost?

The Driving factor when it comes to choosing a surface is the cost associated with it. The final product should give you your money’s worth. The last thing you want is for your pockets to be drained by a driveway that looks like a gateway to hell and not to mention the more money you have to spend on reinstallations and repairs. That will have you cursing like a sailor.

The costs of installing a resin driveway depend on the following factors:

• The condition or type of surface that requires the resin layer.
• The type of ground works required.
• The number of manhole covers if any that need replacing.
• If you require edging or not.

The overall cost is way cheaper than block paving. The cheapest way to go is to overlay the resin over an existing surface of tarmac or concrete. However, you should avoid installing resin over a hardcore base as it isn’t firm enough to limit movement on the top surface. You would just end up spending more money on unnecessary repairs.

What are the advantages of resin driveways?

a) Aesthetics

A well-crafted and beautiful driveway gives a good first impression of your house. Resin driveways promote the aesthetics of your property by limiting ugly weed growth. No one wants to see bushes of weed filling up their driveway. The stones on the resin surface are well bounded together preventing any plant matter from growing in between the stones.

b) Durability

Every consumer wants to enjoy a good product for a long time. The same case applies to driveways. Resin driveways are long lasting as there are no loose stones. The surface of a resin driveway has a smooth texture that is not slippery. It lasts even longer when there are multiple layers of resin on the surface.

c) Flexibility

When it comes to mixing the resin with an aggregate stone, you get a wide variety of options of stones to choose from. The colors and themes of the stones vary as they can come in natural gravel or marble among others. To top it off, there are two types of resin driveways to choose from, the bonded and bounding surface. Each comes with its own unique installation process, appearance, and application.

• Permeability

Drainage is key for a decent driveway. You do not want puddles of water forming on the surface that could attract parasites or cause accidents from being too slippery. The stones in a resin surface allow for rainwater to sip through easily. The water can be put to good use by sipping into the soil into the nearby plants or trees keeping them hydrated.

Resin driveways are a good choice and a professional can install it for you within a few hours. The professional can offer maintenance services and give you advice on how to keep it in good shape. Call a professional today or visit and get yourself a resin driveway!